Print SF Adoption Campaign Model Better World Advertising
“Childhood” Exhibit

behind the scenes
Model joSon Photo
Real Kids Magazine,?Issue 3,
Page?12-13?- Egg vs. Captain Crunch

Page?33?- Zevia Campaign -?Youtube 1:05
Model L. Kennedy
“The Kids Are Alright” Project
-?photographer’s blog entry
-?Photos here
Thunderbird photo
Model T. Archibald
Real Kids Magazine,
Issue 2,?Page?62-63?- Alba Botanicals
Issue 1,?Page 8-9?- Many Faces Many Looks
Model A. KeelingL. Kennedy
Online StoriesFromAnIvyTower – blog
from Julia Posz on WordPress.
writer Julia Posz
Me Time – Commercial Parody
from Craig Colvin Photography on Vimeo.
C. Colvin, Director
CFL Lighting Campaign,?Youtube Model L. Kennedy
Pamela’s Tasty Bites,?Youtube Model L. Kennedy
Meet The Real Kids Models Model L. Kennedy
Voice Over Technorama Podcast
Voice Promo
Principal Voice C. Tomasi
Real Kids Podcast
Principal Voice L. Kennedy
Film World Citizen Hank – Independent Co-Star
T. Zhang, Director
Acid Bath – Independent
from james richard on Vimeo.
A. Lanoue, Producer
My Name Is Khan – Feature Film
Student K. Johar, Director
Rasberry Magic – Feature Film
Student M. Kadakia, Director
Television Kids Unlimited ? Mean Girls Extra-Dodgeball Player N. Tabri, Director
Kids Unlimited ? Pilot
Extra-Food Fighter N. Tabri, Director
Theater Bye Bye Birdie Supporting – Mrs. Petersen T. Garber, Director
Annie Jr. Supporting ? Lily St. Regis T. Garber, Director
A Year with Frog and Toad Cast Member S. Monroe
It?s Electrifying Cast Member C. Panado, MDSD
Training Advanced Improv K. MacNamera, Rising Sun Studio
OGMS Choir Geoff Carter, MDSD
Improv Workshop Willows Theater
Drama Club, OGMS M. Ladesma; MDSD
Advanced Modeling Classes L. Kennedy, MoreThanAModel
Intensive Theater Workshop Willows Theater
Intensive Acting Training Rising Stars
Dance, 6 week Boot Camp Rising Stars
Acting Class, 6 Week Boot Camp Rising Stars
Instrumental Music, Flute Flutist T. Lagorie, MDSD
Dance, Jazz/HipHop; 3 Showcases Dancer A. Eidson, Studio A