By | August 31, 2019

Love; what is it? Can we feel it? Crave it? Create it, some are so lucky.

I often now look back at the last almost two years of my life- I question, what am I doing?


Some don’t even believe in God,

Dear God, Oh my god,

He is so is so,

They’re Godless,

I’m Goddess.

How many more gentlemen must I bow too in order to insure the future that he and she both want.

Oh God, Oh my god,

He is so, He’s Godless,

I’m goddess.


She might be angel in big world full of pain,

Her wings are those broken, chained, Tiffany cuffs.


I use the eyes of my father to make sure I am looking in the right direction.

At some point we must evolve into the people we look up to.

What kind of world would we live in if it was consumed by seven deadly sins.

  1. It’s always fun to play with fire
  2. Never again will I try to be an open book to anyone
  3. How many times a day do I “get checked up”



Oh my god. Dear God,

He captured a Goddess and let her fall back into her most latent stages of life.


What is the newest thing getting my little type-writers hands

Around the soul of your trust;

Reminder never to fall in love with lust.

It is the most toxic way to sink any ship.