Intimate Poem Collection

By | August 15, 2019

There is nothing more wild and free,

Than a woman who is perfect sacristy with her body.


Welcome to 2019. 

Where we advocate for all women to feel like queens no matter what size the inseams of our jeans maybe:

So tell me; why does a little girl,

With a lot of mommy’s help, 

And her own make-up money-

Send a subliminal message to all of us down here in reality-

That I am not sexy, beautiful or attractive; 

Unless I look like “an icon” named Kylie. Oh, how I love to,

“Put Down Miss. Kylie Jenner and Her Fucking Empire”










little girl, of this big, big world.


There is nothing more sensual, 

Than the first time a woman, 

Feels comfortable enough with herself-

To let herself met at the tingle of her own touch. 


Making her own legs tremble, 

The beat of her heart speeds up like a tempo-


Let Go. 

It is only you here, now.


Run your manicured fingers up your own hips and try teaching yourself a few tricks;

You do not need a man who only pants- and momentarily licks. 


Become one 

Become center; 

And always remember

You are a budding rose- 

Do not feel obligated to keep your legs closed. 


We are more nervous than most men think, 

That we do not always slip under the covers and take a peak. 

Some girls sit on their kitchen sink, 

Others just feel around until something fits

Some girls are roses. 

Some girls are daisy’s. 

Some girls are lily’s

Some girls are sunflowers

Some girls are lotus’s

Some girls are deadly nightshade. 


We are all flowers who have been planted in different parts of the world, 

That are all different colored flowers with different colored powers. 

Some grow in the ground; others are raised in cold towers. 

I can only try to calculate how many hours I have spent trying to recollect my broken memories; the lost virginity. 


However, I am reminded that virginity, like many things in this world, are only a concept. 


Not something I should be swept up about, 

However, a topic I have wept-ed about. 


My flowers, my garden, my roses and my thorns are all made out of diamonds and gold. 


I think that concerts are something I can leave behind in the 22 year of my life. 


Let’s talk about…

Somethings about me, 

Because apparently;

  1. I complain too much
  2. I have EVERYTHING
  3. I “should be” so very, thankful.
  4. I need to be grateful.
  5. I must say I am “sorry”



Do you understand how often I am lead to these options? My writing in high school is saved in the corners of my mind and other places I have not even reached the regions of.
I do not hate on a religion. It is, an…organized group of people with the same beliefs that I am not sorry for saying,

Why would a church be asking for more money, anyways? We won’t go there. I am the Anne Boleyn, not Queen Katherine. Notice, after years of observation that there are ways to think differently, there are ways to act differently;
Is the most addictive personality trait there is. And, am I sorry for leaving yet another teddy bear? No, I have dealt with them before.

It’s not my fault your children aren’t clean! You taught them that.


Love, Julia.