The Bee’s and Nerves of A Bay Area Writer

By | August 6, 2019



This has happened more times than I can count.

Where, eventually, I go back to the typing board and start from square…1? Well, I mean not really because at least writing isn’t doing cocaine and we all know how bad that one goes for me.

I love my friends, but they all suck sometimes too.

I know that it tends to be a thing when cycles continue, however the greatest thing about me is when I know when to take a step back and let someone else be in charge for awhile.


So, obviously someone had a chat with her women’s health doctor and found out some horrifying news that even I don’t need to go into detail about, shocker- right?

Even Stephen King knows when to stop scarring people…eventually.

The fun thing about being a writer IS playing with words, not people! Come on, I thought all of you knew me better than that. Shame on you guys. So close to my birthday as well.


my head is aching as the sun keeps setting later and later into the undying age of life. However will I escape such a shit storm this time? Thank goodness, the seasons are finally starting to change out of this heat. I can feel it coming, call it a six-sense or something but I love fall. IT makes me feel so at peace.

I have birthday things coming so…more later.


Julia Katherine