2319 and Other Outbreaks

By | August 1, 2019

I would like to consider myself to be one of those females who truly tries to commit to the person and not the image. For those that have been lucky enough to come into my room, did you see any placement of reflection? Godless. With a spirit of fire. – Ms. Julia Katherine Moyer Posz


Okay hey guys what the fuck is up!

I’m finally back because, well, your Stanford girl was right in her insane mind once again, or should I quote him again and talk about the word, “psycho”

Excuse me,

Hi, I turn 23 in a few days. My mother bought me my first Prada bag! Ah, thank you Mommy! <3

And, health care should be free because living with a botched abortion is cause to completely miserable all the time, for what is a surgical abortion? Thank you to my early birthday present, my pods needed to be refilled! I’m on summer break, and recovery from…a loss of what would have been a child. So, for those who do not attend Clayton Valley, some of did not have every thing at hand because, well- none of us can help our up bringing.

My Father, gifted me a Chevy the first summer after my abortion. It was the biggest smile and reaction that he had gotten from me in a long time. I love you Daddy, you’re my best friend!! And, I still will never take the Tesla out oh my god, no.


While my head up trying to raise itself to a point where I could love again, I had realized some things that have been..ahem “conditioned” into me (yes, Julia- please try to get your head around the fact that because of the way you look, dress and carry yourself that being molested was YOUR fault? Oh and that baby you were pregnant with for 49 days.

Man, do I love my Clayton Valley people lately!

As The Little Mermaid Was Saying;

Singing the sirens song of coming to sea may mean you may catch something, so why do you think I had head to warmer waters at the bottom of the ocean trenches of my brain, where I can scrape the memories of my mother.


here is a really funny thing about being…Catwoman after surviving Pennywise;

You know emotion LOOKS like, from the most introspective corners of human emotion. I have explored the science of the brain a long time ago, at this point and I made that subject ONE of my minors.

A recent question that was asked in the correct company was…do you LUST for your, lover, partner and best friend?

no, I do not believe in passion any more. The Salem Witch Trials left me in flames that has cascaded into echos of the laughter of the children that I may only move out of the way for.

It is truly interesting how people…work at times.


You know how those pretty churches, brisk trees and rich schools all align the roads of P. Hill, California

Well in the hidden hills of Clayton Valley, where all the girls are pretty and at least our football team takes showers after they play the game, they are able to return to being that really nice guy from a good family.

Why did CV have so many sudden deaths?


More Later,

Ms. Selina Kyle