The San Miguel Rounds and Other Disturbing Facts; With A Happy Ending

By | July 30, 2019

Dear Bay Area;


“please note that there is no need for fear in life for there are scarier things than child molesters. the fear that those evil clowns can consume will cause your child to live in fear”

-The Woman Ronald Andrew Lleando Killed



Alright, so are we going to all take a deep breathe now and watch out for each other like good little boys and girls?


Topics of Conversation: Lust, Trust and Tragedy

Did you know…Romeo and Juliet is one of the most CLASSIC and ICONIC (You have no idea how many girls from my high school are trying to be something they weren’t back then, and while that is great and all…we still all keep a bit of our past selves in us; or else, would we really be…us?)

Let me Remind You All Who I AM:

Haven’t you heard about my miserable past? You all need to stop invading it because that…is what RAPE is all about. Invading the space of another with manipulation of normal development of feelings.

My innocence, my name, my body, my bones, my eyes, my breathe, my blinks, my tears, my laughs and my screams all belonged inside of him and the evidence would be splattered all over my body. Then: showershowershower.

Why must it always be so hot so I know what warmth feels like, Mommy?



Now, what school has taught me is:

  1. Eye Contact can tell almost a thousand a stories a. So why must we always say words don’t matter and it is all in action?
  2. Lust is the most powerful thing in the entire world; so why do men make threats to try and get women to stay? a. Because hitting a pole is the biggest form of FUCK YOU DAD out there. b. Is that why his little girl is screaming sad lyrics all the time. Ladies, be nice to your bosses, or else you run off with the biggest trade secrets of all. And we all know, unhappy customers make for the most dangerous people out there. No happiness, no money.
  3. So now that know my mind is a steal trap and I truly don’t care about anything except writing, are we going to take Ms. Selina Kyle a little bit more seriously now?
  4. Writers need to be taken seriously are else that’s how the bad things get out into the open air of the bay area. A. Are we forgetting that people are scared?


Dear Bay Area:

We need to come together and stop hating each other before things truly get ugly. And I would know what ugly looks like; and I just redownloaded his face. Don’t believe me? Try finding my proof.



Julia Katherine.


Ps. Who ever has guns needs to stop setting off rounds in Concord.