Trends, Spends and More Dead Ends: A Philosophical Opion From That Radical Community College Student

By | July 27, 2019

Aesthetics: they are a sensational distraction. 

  • Julia katherine 


I would like to thank: Matt Posz, Tom Posz and Eunice Moyer, for giving me: The World <3


Welcome to the world of my laptop. Where I so freely believe in the following: so long as I breathe and am aware of the basic necessities that were once at stake for me daily, 


I am comfortable. 


I don’t know about you, 

I want too, 

But today i used my catwoman fierceness,  my captain marvel humbleness, the wise lessons that i see in my father’s aging eyes that were so beautifully captured and forever at my i will at the push of a button- Star Trek and Star Wars. 

The stars have been my friends for a long time, when I was a baby, 

A family friend told my parents that, 


“Stars in her eyes”


I remember the voices that believed in me before I did, next to trust, it is the most valuable thing that we can hold closely to our morals and molecules. 


What i mean by that is;

I want you to take a breathe, 







“Dazzled, mezmorized, angry and fed up and maybe even…frustrated, besotted, captivated, perplexed- paused.”

If you are interested in finding out more about me!! I have a website where I feel comfortable enough to share even more radical theories with the ever vast expanding universe that is the internet. 

Fun fact: I do like to like that i may one day be so humbly- be even mentioned positively to anyone one of those damn stubborn but alluring science people- like my personal favorite Stephen Hawking.


Let’s get to the viscous and deli

Wait i totally forgot- today is: May 6th, 2019. 

This is odd, 


Due to connecting constellations 

That were valid, premature, and rightfully attempts at love. 

Just because my petals were wilted, submerged in the utmost viscous, thick, physical-biological-psychological- altering hands, and to put it simply, the wrong ones, does not mean I do not have a chance at love. Halsey taught me that.



Where was I?


Oh, well  I want to talk about the moon and the stars….


What else is new?


So the wolf world of the one percent is something I would like to call….




let’s break it down. 


Do we not remember that bull(s) are an animal that we actually use for our own advantage of for our own good?

We are the aliens. 

Logic is expensive is learn. 

The education system in the United States is severely needed to be looked at for further examination. 


Dear Walnut Creek, 

Why must I apologize for the behavior of a child molester? Just because you made it to where you wanted to be with your children after I warned you all about Pennywise, does not mean that you get to look at me as if I, were the fucking dancing clown. 

While getting lunch at Nordstrom with a long term friend of mine I got a little to excited I was out in public and if everyone KNOWS now then why isn’t everyone….backing off?


Dear Bottle Blondes of W.C, 

Either keep your mouths shut and learn from me or your child will grow up in fear. Just because Ron looked a certain way does not mean I think differently. It means I am scared of men. 


Dear Bottle Blonde that has a cheap purse compared to mine,

It is NOT about the mother-fucking money. 


Walnut Creek needs to seriously pull it’s head out of the gutter and realize that RATS still live among us, only as far as I knowwwwwwwww.


I saved a city and then became Catwoman. What did you do?


All my love, 


Oh and: Dr. Belinda Lopes is my therapy. She practices in Walnut Creek. 


Kaiser Nurses beware of what mistake your company has aloud to happen;


Reason: It is not fair a child molester snuck his way into a medical office. 


All my Love, 


Mrs. Julia Katherine