Meeting The 6’4s In San Fran: 2019

By | July 19, 2019

In my young and overly judged generation; many hold goals and dreams that elders and other generations cannot understand- simply due to the fact that time was not on their time to enlighten this era of interest for those today who had dreams that only they can understand. 


I, am one of these youngings. 

My name is julia-katherine and this is how I met one of my biggest musical inspirations just a few months ago. 


After anxiously getting myself as pretty as I thought I could appear at the time,



Anyone who knows, or follows me on almost any social media platform knows: I have two music muses- Halsey and G-Eazy.

Yes, while these two artists do have a personal past- that has no connection as to why my playlist is consumed with their songs, albums and features. 

I know I am not the only one on this Earth; that has an inspiration that others call on obsession; 

We already know that label’s ruin;

So I just ignore them.


On a Wednesday afternoon,

Only less than a few weeks ago-

I clicked on G’s Instagram story that he had update less than twenty minutes from when I saw that he would be in San Fran on February 21 at a provided address, for his best friend’s birthday party and art show. 

Almost instantly; I took the evidence provided that G-Eazy would be around for a meet and greet- without charge or complication. 


I can’t remember the last time I was more excited than this night. 

As….tall as these trees are, they are the most gentle creatures and minds I have ever been in the same room as before. Artistic energy is quite something.

You would think due to my past Snapchats, Instagram posts and so on that even the idea of meeting G would have me in an on-going fan frenzy. 

Though I had mentioned only on my Snapchat early that day- as vaguely as I could, that there was a high possibility I could meet the top male artist of my dreams-

I was calm.


Recently I have been reviewing David Hume’s philosophies; to summarize this point in making it relate to my  meeting with G: I used Hume’s theories to base my past experiences to help judge my expectations for the current situation a head.


Ps, Ms. Halsey- I am coming for a picture. <3

Which to me meant: do not blow this up, you are taking a chance. One breathe at a time Julia, okay?