Reasons why Princesses Should Never Let Their Crowns Fall

By | July 5, 2019

For eventually, we have to pick up the scepter and face the kingdom for what we all really are, queens.

For those who do not believe in therapy, I am still with you.

However I do highly advise that people always take down their own notes in the matter of this world for how advanced everything is getting more easy to access anyways.

I have aversions to things as well, I like to run away when the heat has set flame to the tenderness of my lioness tail. Even though I roar flames from the sun does not mean that my heart beats like thunder every time my tears fall when another piece of my heart has decided to walk away.

I hate people who leave. IT is the biggest sign of…weakness. In my humble opinion.

I do love people who can sympathize with what others tell in their own stories and again in my opinion, that other people feel pain but we all feel it differently and there is nothing wrong with that.

I quite literally miss my birth mother every day and I don’t even remember what her voice sounds like, so I blast Halsey, instead. <3

I do not use people for anything more than what they are here for, to love. Like all creatures, we like to believe in whatever brings us the most comfort. Some, choose God- I did too eventually.

Took me 22 years to really understand the guy and his philosophies, better late than never.

I miss the people who have chosen to leave because every time I come back, well, I have always been some altered version of myself that usually leaves most people coming back for more.
Words are fun for me to play with.

Mania is something that is nothing to play with. Mania means the world is on fire but only from the person inside out. How confusing is that to understand?

Remember when I had mentioned in my Mother’s Day message piece that we don’t like to understand what truly happens to others pain, but we are always willing to listen and say “I’m so sorry”. Again, because no one wants to know what mania is because mania is related to maniac.

I will never apologize for my mistakes but I will apologize when I know they have hurt someone, I wish more people would remember this philosophy as well.

More later,
Julia Katherine