Moonlight Madness

Sweet dreams are made from sober dazzling inseams,

Those seams were once clogged by cocaine fog.

Where are your words, little writer?

He taunted you; “aren’t you a fighter?”.

Has your magic pen run out of ink and power?

Or is it that your mind is in limbo,

Trying to figure out where to go.

Because I can no longer bear the tragedies from evil monsters,

Failed strategies and attempted mental catastrophes.

When I see my mind in a crowded room,

I want to dive in and zoom through.

Be a little loud,

Stand a little proud.

But oh,


There go the memories reminding me about those painful mental catastrophes.

Leaving me in a mental sinking sand lot.

I recently heard a song where I was told not to let my crown fall,

But cry if I must.

But I can’t cry,


Because how many times can you rewrite the same story?

Before it gets old and boring?

The girl who has eyes made of emeralds and sun ray teardrops that create the golden red ribbons of her hair.  

The emerald glass stained windows into her soul tells her struggles.

But that is not all she is.

A beautiful,




That has been blessed enough with the riches of life;

Not her fault she’s played in Satan’s strife;

But she saved her own life.

And while prince charming is still on the horizon,

I see him in my dreams-

And we make the most glorious team.

We save the world to make the one we want




That has us laying out under an island moonlight.

Can you grip me that tight?

The way you move my hair from my eyes, feels so right.

Make my body and mind feel so light.

Making love under the covers of the night-


You are in reality.

Your tears want to come streaming,

But you choose to scream internally.

Because of how many times you have repeated your bullshit verbally,


Nobody wants that.

Why do I feel so lost?

Because sometimes being so gifted,

Is an opportunity cost.

I’d like to lead my life like the boss,

I am.






Try me,

I need it,

My time,


Not everything in life is cookies and sunshine;

I have jaded summertime memories,

Faded nightmares from past Decembers,

Broken windows that make me tremor,

That haunt me every night and force me to


All the dispare.

In 2011 I was

Once a virgin angel who fell from


But thanks to my strong mentality,

I turn my reality


Into a worldly heaven.