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Realization: Philosophy of Communication

Realization: Comes when a person has reached their limit. In anything they have been wishing to change, due to stress or discomfort. A common issue I have seen in the area I live in specifically is that- it’s people that are the root cause of many issues and struggles. I am a prime example as… Read More »

Message to Survivors;

I’m tired of being censored. I know all my loved ones are so concerned, But haven’t you all learned? I need normalcy- I yearn for it. My trauma drama is getting real old, And I have been told, That I’m getting too old to be scared of; Showers, Certain hours, Monsters dark powers. I turn… Read More »

Philosophy Of Communication: Part one, Chapter one

Today I drove into the morning sun rise. And was completely taken by surprise. When my soul soaked up the premature rays that were so eager to appear first over the horizon. My soul felt as though she was being regenerated. Today I also realized how comfort and patterns are connected in addiction; both good… Read More »

No Name Street

Everyone is fighting their own demons, And when they all collaborate and lean in- It makes anyone want to quit. I’ve been full of whit- never only had half of it. That crimson tasting sinful poison lures you into my petals- And Thorns. I tried to warn you I was torn out and worn. Darling… Read More »

The Four Headless Horsemen

F U C K Y O U; For blocking me from the door; locking my mind making me want to hit the floor. I want time, To write, And recite, No longer live in a god damn fucking fright. You know for me how hard that is, right? Even pen and paper can make fear.… Read More »

Three Keys From a Modern Philosophy King

Remember who you are: Remember who you are. Not always where you came from. Because little do some know that the strongest souls are formed in broken homes. Find a purpose and push through. There are days where my head feels as dry as the desert. I’m a beautiful writer, this is what brings me… Read More »

Undecided Title Love Poem

It’s happened, I have fallen. God fucking dammit, I told myself no one deserves me to commit, But then you went and spent all my bad dreams, Turning them into the sweetest flavors of ice cream, And the last time I was in your bed, And I fought off those demons in my head. But… Read More »

Writer’s Curse

This Writers Curse, Is as heavy as Hearse. This writers shit is always on a quick shift, It’s so god damn dangerous, It lead me to be completely outrageous, Raging all the memories that I was caging in hope that it would change me. No. A writer can erase their mind from all The pain… Read More »

“Though she is tiny, she is fierce”

The cocaine lines done on the outline of my soul are heavy I’ve been screaming that I’m ready. To take charge, I’ve been living large, Choosing to indulge in the natural highs of life. Because no one tells you that the worst come downs are when lies are uncovered, And I landed in reality. That… Read More »

Remember December?

Why must I feel as though I am sinking ships either for myself, Or the disappointment of others. I refuse to give up on me, Because I’m doing this for all of the beautiful souls who never got the chance, Little honey bees that were never able to fly, They got stuck getting high. I… Read More »

Little Lion Cub: Rewritten

Formally, I would like to point out that writing this piece; I kept my peace. Once upon a dark time in my life, I was one some nobody’s ‘cub’. And though I had long loved The Lion King before this toxic time, this movie became a strange and twisted theme to my life. But I… Read More »

Wandress State of Mind

Though I run till my breaks hurt I have loved till I tasted dirt. And all of the embodiment of a 4’11 squirt. I have no reason to apologize for all of his lies. Those caskets are dry to the bone and buried with his dull knives. People come and go but I still stay… Read More »

Crowded Places

I know you want to go different places, I know the way I tour around so freely is so romantic to you, No set destination, Just me, tapped into my destiny. Who is this girl? She’s so frantic. She’s so clumsy. She’s so crazy. Hair of January embers, Her red still shines in peeks of… Read More »

Poems continued

See all this inspiration, love? See all this ambition, love? I flew from you, a broken dove Bleeding dry from lack of love. My darling Lucifer, this if for you. Your fur was made of scales, that reflected each one of your twisted tales. And then when the princess became witness, she came to the… Read More »

Breaking Her News

I make headlines like bloodlines bloody eyes, bloody lies bloody demise I’m on my reprise; it should be no surprise when I rise to make a point that this joint has been worn out, has been blown out and sneezed away.   So sway to the rhythm of something new, and maybe you’ll get a… Read More »

From an Existentialist

The Rhetoric or Lying Lying. Being a liar. Telling a false truth. In hopes of gaining either an emotional or material benefit. Manipulation loves laying with liars. But it happens. We are humans with no set ethical way of life except for our interpretations and perceptions. As well as the help of our environments throughout… Read More »

Pennywise’s Dancing Clowns

How could it be that some get away with murder, After I wasted 27 hours of being pocked and pried open Do you know what its like to try and defecate after having an unwanted entity repeatedly shoved in and out of you? Back side. These are the gritty details no survivor has had the… Read More »

Paper Chasers

One day, she thought: “you’ll be able to solve the theory.” Can one live a life without slaving away at one piece of paper or stacks of another? Let’s compare. Manager or CEO Barista Or be the one they call in for “the big guns” Ending up in customer service calculating a total; Or that… Read More »

Philosophies and Poetry

I’ve been accused of overdosing on confidence. Never. That girl used to sniff poison to her veins, Now the chemicals that concoct all her congrats and credentials Are thanks to her newest confidence confection I drive to the empty parking lot of my School S * A * N* C * T * U *A*R*Y… Read More »

Tattoo’d Meanings

Sinking Seeping Sweeping Where do all of these things come from? She is looking for a sign, to lead her in the right direction Haunted by the successions of her brother Of her dear old, Father. Mother swiftly lifting away But can still admire her little sunray Rinsing Relaxing Rising Regrowth holds immaculate power that… Read More »

Mama’s House

There was a boy who lived in a house Where the walls had holes that echoed opened wounds That secrets and cement have paved over This home raised a boy Who turned himself into a man But childhood is a parabolic shadow That molds and metamorphoses From boy to man But though he wrote chased… Read More »

Headphones and Hell Nos

I just want to go home Seems like everywhere I go People have the same languages Green smoke that turns eyes red They all go off to ski in the powder room Making love to Jack and Jamison I swear that door slammed when it closed. No, I don’t want another drink. I just Just… Read More »

For My Dream Job Partner

Authors note: I am profoundly and wholeheartedly broken at the horrific news of the passing of a magnificent young woman. Who walked hand in hand into a job with me, we both dreamed of pursuing.  Though I suffered a loss and hardship and had to let my dream sail sadly away- she continued her journey.… Read More »


Mothers. They are the matriarch’s of the universe, and the name most kids wail when we are in need of a little extra love. The saying usually goes “she’s your mother, you only get one of them.” In my case, I have two. One who has been watching me on the horizon of every sunset… Read More »

The Dot Theory

“You never find enjoyment without having some sort of curiosity. The kind that pushes your limits lifts you out of your comfort zone and compromises all” — J. Katherine Curiosity is just another component that sparks humanity’s lust for life. The universe holds a soul similar to a large body of water. Some of the… Read More »